Celebrating The Human Form


two women

From cave drawings to graffiti found on the streets of London, artists have never tired of exploring the human form.

Whether realized in the portraits of kings or queens or the early wisps of sexual innuendo, the variations of an otherwise seemingly common theme are indeed endless.

It is in the realm of overt and beautiful sexuality that we find the work of Xiang Yang.

Here is an artist who is unafraid to celebrate the beauty that not only defines her as an artist, but indeed defines her as a woman.

In her varied and multidimensional work, we can see a direct line from the walk in Florence to the recent incarnations of #metoo.

It is a full, natural and complex world, filled with love and grief, regret and optimism, loneliness and sexuality.

It is a life foretold and remembered but, most of all, a life celebrated for all of its glories.

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