Press Release: Dialogue with the East


Press Release

Dialogue with the East
13 to 28 July 2018
Biblioteca civica Villa Amoretti
corso Orbssano, 200
Turin, Italy

Tel: 011 01138604/ 14

Grand Opening:  Friday 13 July – 7:30 PM

Dialogue with the East is an international cultural exhibition featuring the works of 38 Italian and 12 Chinese artists.

The exhibition will show the diversity of expression in the art and languages of different cultures as a means of communication in today’s rapidly changing society.

The event has been curated Nikolinka Nikolova and Yang Xiang and will be presented by Dr. Mattea Micello, the world-renowned critic and art historian.

Please join us for Special Events throughout the exhibition:

13 July 17:00
Join us for a festive wine tasting of Flaviana Fia and Umberto Fia.

The Academy of Mary Cake Decorating by Mary Sugar and Nuni Cocciolo will bring the cake / Sculpture prepared by theme.
Aesthetic Nova, katiuscia jewels by Katiuscia Talarico, azimut capital management.

14 July 15:30

“Elixir of love” airs of donizetti’s famous opera, with artists of teatro regio, Eugenia Braynova-Adina, Franco Roselli-Dulcamara, Vito Martino – Nemorino, Salvatore Damino-Belcore .
Accompanied by the piano by Michela Varda.

18 July 17:30

Opera concert with arias and duets from works works (Rossini) Don Carlos (Green), Lakme (Delibes) Atila (Verdi) Madama Butterfly (Puccini) Turandot (Puccini) linked to eastern culture, performed From Eugenia Braynova, Fabiola Salaris, Valeria Laino, Angelica Lapadula, Eleonora Maag, Simone Feltrin and Franco Roselli. Accompanied by the piano by Michela Varda.

Songs are performed in memory of the composer and pianist torinese matilde capuis, for 14 years he had the chair of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Turin.

20 July 17:30
The artist Elena Uliana will present his works through the “spiritual portals”.
Special works that change in the eyes of the viewer, revealing invisible aspects.
Mauro Russo will explain what happens in the mind through observation.

The entire program has organized by the Association the Art Meets of Nickel in collaboration with Turin civic libraries with the patronages of the city of Turin, accademia albertina and the Zhoupu Art Museum in Shangha.

Featured artists will include:

Angela Greco, Giorgio Di Gifico, Delia Saba, Ivo Vassallo, Laura Marello, Anna Maria Lamberti Pizzi, Marisa Ierardi, Marilisa Serra, Adriana Cernei, Irina Markova , Jessica Spagnolo, Vittoria Salati, Michele Berlot, Attilio Lauricella, Maurizio Rivetti, Giovanna Serafini, Marcello Caporale, Stefano Vittorio Chiodaroli, Mary Morgillo, Gianni Sesia of merla, Gabriella de Filippis , Claudia Cornalba, Manol Panchovski, Anna Maria Calvi, Patrizia Testoni, samira hosseinzadeh, Angela Betta, Cirtita Monica Steliana, Giancarlo Laurenti Giovanni Borgarello, Patrizia Tummolo, Laura Minuti, Pierangelo Sergio Devecchi, Vincenzo Chiazza, Giovanna Noodle, Piero Vicari, Luciana Pena
Gao Hui, gao zizhu, hu Xiao Jing, Lucia Tang, liang lingjuag, Li Tong Li, dong hairuo, Hanwen Wang, yin kun, Cao Lihui.

For more information:
Nikolinka Nikolova
Of the cultural association
“Art meets”

Some of the artists to be featured at Dialouge with the East

Angela Greco


Marisa Ierardi


Jessica Spagnolo


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