Exhibition: Opening Night

PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 7

The opening night of Xiang Yang’s exhibition went very well.

It was standing room only and the ‘unveiling’ of her latest work, Two Worlds, was met with much delight.

Only downside, we had to say goodbye to the East Meets West Women (2015).

East Meets West Women (2015)

16 X 52 – acrylic on slate

Xiang Yang

Price: €400

PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 2


PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 3


PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 4


PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 5


PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 6



PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 8


PHOTO-2018-10-06-19-45-04 9




Exhibition October jpg

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