Before Meeting (2017) picked as Artists2Artists Featured Image


Before Meeting (2017)
60 X 80
Xiang Yang
Price: €600

Xiang Yang’s painting Before Meeting (2017) was picked as a ‘featured image’ on the Artists2artists Social Network website.

The curator’s thought are below:

Comment by Resident Curator

Curator’s Comments:

“I’m intrigued by this painting entitled Before Meeting, and the stylized treatment of the two figures.

The smooth abstraction of their pinkish-orange bodies and sensual naiveté are reminiscent of Gauguin, while the inclusion of contemporary dress and geometric shapes add contrasting angles.

Their almost identical facial features makes me consider whether this is the same young woman in elapsed time, or twin subjects.  I also contemplate the white rectangle in the hand of the seated figure on the right.

While simplified, it could be a ubiquitous cell phone.  But it doesn’t hold her attention, as her gaze moves us off to the right of the picture plane.

The standing figure on the left may be equally unaware of her partner’s presence- gazing into a round mirror or off to the space where her sister’s eyes ultimately rest, beyond the frame.

Whatever their relationship, the piece has a wonderful figure-ground relationship.

The accompanying color blocks in the background support their gestures and join of the decorative motifs within their clothing.

They are in, and of, their environment.”



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