‘Instant Memory’ Series (2018)

full series

‘Instant Memory’ consists of a series of six panels. There are two panels in each set.

The individual ‘pairs’ of sets are each fashioned on overall (and perhaps interconnected?) themes of memory and time.

The works display a departure in many ways for the artist, with an indication that she may be about the leave her prolonged ‘red period.’ This is most-apparent in the Green Dancers.

We shall see if this is true.

Xiang Yang has been exploring the ‘panel’ theme of late. She finds it gives her a certain level of freedom not always found in full-sized works.

Details on the panel-sets can be found below.

The panels will be priced in lots of two but they rather beg to be sent to a single home.

The set (all six) is priced at €2200 while sets of two are marked at €800.



Instant Memory: Panels One and Two (painted second)


13 X 18 X 2

Xiang Lang

Price: €800



Instant Memory: Panels Three and Four (painted third)

Green Dancers

Xiang Yang

Price: €800



Instant Memory: Panels Three and Four (painted first)


Xiang Yang

Price: €800



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