Thinking of Time (2020)

Thinking of Time 2020 30X40

Thinking of Time (2020)

30 X 40 – acrylic

Xiang Yang


Looking at Thinking of Time, the eye discovers time in the form of a train station clock hung up next to the giant nose in the picture, which with its strict dial stands in strange contrast to the clouds that float under the giant nose.
Time as a threat, like a real, very precise Damocles sword. It hangs over the surreal scene of nose, cloud, eye and the faceless women as an image of the woman, who only comes into play as a nose and mouth.
Although animated with an idiosyncratic and very independent language of form and color, the painter here unconsciously flashes the psychedelic poison of a Salvatore Dali in the background.

Our existence is limited, our time and space are not infinite, but our imagination is, after all, because it can hold two figures in its mouth.

These two women are memories of the past. And they are nothing more than the double memory of the woman herself.

Her suffering, like the pink of the picture, is a made-up, like a memory that slows down, the blood apparently flowing from the cloud, the mouth as rivers, even as it changes from red to black blood, the dried blood perhaps serving as a symbol of past suffering.

It is an image that brings real memories of surreal things to life in art, combining them in a fascinating new visual language.

Robert Schmid


The painting is beautiful and the interpretation is profound. Brava!

Vanni Castellani


Yang thinking of time 2


Yang Thinking of Time 1

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