Life and Death (2020)

Young Life 60 X 80

Life and Death

60 X 80 – acrylic

Xiang Yang


Review: Life and Death

A wonderful picture, a wonderfully terrible picture. The blue, which so often stands for the sky in painting, which often means the sea, earthly happiness and lightness, is the dominant, alienated color here, which gives the picture a large portion of morbidity.

  As a kind of darkened brightness, the blue strokes the mask-like faces as an artificial glow. Brightness as a blue-sad etuede in life, but is then gently darkened on the other faces beyond the long-haired, Madon-like woman, as the gray-blue color stands for death.

  The central figure, which also literally forms the center of the picture, a still young woman, wears the pain on her face, she keeps her eyes closed as if in anticipation of death. Heads of men and women surround the seemingly sleeping face’s dominating face, which at least appears as a half-length portrait.

Beside her, a young woman slumbers towards death, even if she still remains the symbol for the albeit battered world. There is the dividing line between life and death, the woman’s luxuriantly falling hair, which threatens a pair of scissors designed to make a cut into what was once plump life.

Even the bright red flowers cannot awaken the pale, gray-blue young faces, which resemble the fine, cut-out torsos, from eternal sleep into the afterlife.

  It is just a perfectly moving, terribly beautiful picture, terrible like the morbidly painted realization that everything in life is finite.

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