The ‘Gentle Green’ Panels(2018)

Full Panels

The ‘Gentle Green’ Panels

25 X 30 X 8

Xiang Yang

€200 per panel

The ‘Gentle Green’ panels are a revelation in so many ways.

Not only has the artist Xiang Yang clearly moved on from her ‘red period’ (see the Changing Faces video below in which she does so quite literally, changing the face of the character in one panel from red to green!) but these panels also consolidate a broad and intricate use of colors and characters that, while quite disparate, somehow manage to ‘work’ together to form a whole. Not just a ‘whole’ image, but entirely whole and filled with brand-new concepts in each panel.

The panels themselves are interchangeable and they are presented below in most-recent order the artist decided upon.

Having said that, we have by now lost all memory of the order in which they were painted or originally grouped or just about anything else.

So the current ‘grouping’ will change, either by the artist or the eventual owner, and we have included ‘detail’ photos of the four-times-two images from the panels are they now exist.

It is worth noting, as you scan the page (and please do) on not only how well the images exist as a group, but also on their own. And as an entire group.

We can only speculate as to the full meaning of the collective images, but we do not need to speculate about whether or not there is a ‘full meaning’ to the artist. There is.

There you go.


Panels 1 – 4

Panels 1 - 4


Green Face sideways


Dog Face Detail


Two faces


Green Face 3


Panels 5- 8

Panels 5 - 8


Green Face Detail


Green face 2 with blue


Dog Face 2 Detaill


Green Face 1


Changing Faces

In Changing Faces, we watch as the artist changes the woman’s face from red to green. We lamen would call that walking on a tightrope. What if it didn’t work out!


The Making of New Panels

At the time of editing The Making of New Panels it was not really clear that there would be eight panels, let alone that they might co-exist. It is quite fascinating to watch the creation of four panels at once!